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05 Marzo 2024 / 01:36
The value of strong authentication


The value of strong authentication

- 14 Gennaio 2023
The latest available technology for authentication process and the ways to further improve security in this conversation with Sandra Tobler, Futurae Technologies’ Co Founder and CEO, during the last Salone dei Pagamenti

Mrs Tobler, during this last year there have been many cases - also relevant - related to cybersecurity. From your point of view, how much is the culture of digital security growing among citizens and companies?

While we enjoy the benefits of online services for our personal, social, or economic development, cybercriminals, too, are enabled to execute more impactful attacks using advanced methods. In this perspective, strong authentication becomes a key concern for both companies that, in the face of a potential hack, risk their credibility and unobstructed service continuity, but also for people, being concerned about the security of their personal data and privacy, fortify their accounts by increasing password complexity, being historically the main means they have at hand.

Security is often thought of by users as a problem, something that complicates the experience and use of tools. What is the "magic formula" to have a user friendly security?

Indeed, authentication security measures have historically been cumbersome for people, as the logging-in process is inevitably part of their everyday life. Futurae has been innovating in this field for many years to embed security seamlessly, so that we do not have to feel the friction of security anymore. Advanced adaptive authentication will solve this problem for all of us. Privacy-preserving context information that refrains fromrevealing any sensitive data like our biometrics, allows for an automatic risk assessment in the background - without us perceiving anything. We help companies detect risk parameters of their customers to ensure that the identity of the customer trying to access an account not only introduces a multi-factor authentication process, instead of relying solely on passwords but also can relieves them entirely from the burden of passwords. This can be considered as a tipping point, a paradigm shift, for the industry that used to perceive higher security correlated with lower usability.

What are the main digital security needs for banks today?

 Cyber ​​threats are constantly changing, and at the same time the needs of users tend to differ depending on their digital literacy. This creates a complex operational environment to manage for banks. Customer security requirements, in most cases, cannot be accommodated with just one technology. Security teams are often overwhelmed by monitoring and maintaining multiple security products. In addition, the balance between IT security and user-friendliness is not that easy. Banks cannot neglect the need of their customers for a seamless authentication experience. 

What are the most innovative solutions proposed by Futurae, and why are they can be useful for banks and companies in the financial sector?

Adopting new authentication security measures always brings along a twofold challenge. On the one hand, organizations need to incorporate new technologies into their existing setup in the most efficient way, while on the other, are concerned about maintaining an acceptable customer experience with the least possible friction. Futurae specializes in a user-friendly approach that not only constantly elevates security standards with new, easily integrated features but also ensures a seamless customer experience. This approach allows us to respond to the organization’s need for constant security modernization. Our software-based solution works hand-in-hand with hardware-based authentication products offering a wide range of lifecycle process options and configurable, out-of-the-box modules. By staying ahead in security, we make sure to constantly track the latest fraud cases and work on continuous feature updates that allow for future-proof authentication.. This way, customers can swiftly incorporate and easily manage an authentication solution that meets their specific security and privacy requirements while they  benefit from a significant reduction in  customer support needs.
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